Gold Partners

Allard USA
(888) 678-6548
Fax (800) 289-0809

Come join us at booth 109 to learn about Allard USA’s orthotics for early intervention and management of foot drop for adult and pediatric populations: KiddieGAIT, KiddieROCKER, ToeOFF (with new 2.0 models!), SWASH, custom fabrication materials, contracture management joints, and more. Learn about our mission of Support for Better Life from a trusted leader in orthotics and why we are always your O&P partner.

(727) 528-8566
Fax (727) 528-8862

It is the mission of ALPS to deliver innovative products that improve the lives of those with mobility challenges. With four divisions—prosthetics, orthotics, silicone, and post-surgical—it’s our goal of “Making Lives Better” that pushes us to provide a superior product to all of our customers. Visit us at booth 19.

American Board for Certification
(703) 836-7114
Fax (703) 836-0838

The American Board for Certification in Orthotics, Prosthetics & Pedorthics, Inc. (ABC) is a non-profit credentialing organization for orthotics, prosthetics and pedorthics representing more than 14,000 certified individuals and over 6,000 accredited facilities.

ABC’s mission is to establish and advocate for the highest patient care and organizational standards in the provision of safe and effective orthotic, prosthetic and pedorthic services.

ABC fulfills this mission by:
• Measuring patient care provider’s knowledge and skills through rigorous credentialing programs
• Establishing standards of organizational performance through facility accreditation
• Mandating professional continuing education to maintain competency
• Administering a professional discipline program
• Communicating the value and importance of ABC credentials.

Becker Orthopedic
(800) 521-2192
Fax (800) 923-2537

Becker Orthopedic was founded in 1933 by Otto K. Becker to provide high–quality orthotic components and central fabrication services. Today, Becker Orthopedic remains a family business dedicated to quality, service, and in¬novation in the field of orthotics. Visit us at table 389.

College Park Industries
(800) 728-7950
Fax (800) 294-0067

College Park designs and manufactures a full line of anatomically correct, custom built prosthetic solutions. College Park is ISO 13485 certified with an extensive focus on quality testing, and proudly sources and produces all products entirely in the USA. With precise engineering and quality manufacturing, College Park is committed to innovating human locomotion solutions for users all over the world. For more information, stop by booth 91-92 & 79-80, visit or find us on and

(800) 548–3534
Fax (800) 929–3636

Endolite is committed to improving the lives of amputees. Replication of natural motion is at the heart of Endolite’s prosthetic design philosophy: its award-winning products reflect cutting-edge technology and are designed to help individuals achieve the best possible mobility, function, comfort and long-term outcomes following amputation.

Established in 1890, its corporate headquarters are located in the UK, with operations in the United States, France, Germany and Norway, in addition to a world-wide network of distributors.

Booth 105.

(423) 624-0946
Fax (423) 629-7936

Fillauer, headquartered in Chattanooga, Tennessee is a global leader in the manufacturing, fabrication, and development of orthotics and prosthetics. Included in Fillauer’s comprehensive brand portfolio are Fillauer Feet, Hosmer Hooks, Motion Control Myoelectrics, PDQ Ovens, and Trautman Tools & Equipment. Please visit us at Booth 83.

Freedom Innovations
(888) 818–6777
Fax (949) 672–0084

Freedom Innovations designs, manufactures, and markets advanced technology lower limb prosthetic solutions that allow amputees to step beyond their limitations and enter a new world of freedom and confidence. Focused on developing world-class lower-limb prosthetic devices in close collaboration with amputees and prosthetists, Freedom Innovations’ solutions encompass technological innovations, training, education, and consultative support. Based in Irvine, CA, Freedom Innovations’ lower-limb prosthetics, including the Plié® 3, Kinterra®,Kinnex, and Renegade® are distributed in more than 40 countries around the world. Learn more at www.freedom– Visit us at booth 99.

OPIE Software
(800) 876–7740
Fax (866) 811–0480

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We focus on creating solutions that give you peace of mind so that you can focus on what matters, patient care. Our solutions are geared towards making your office more efficient, improving documentation processes, and generally operating more successfully. We are one family, but we offer a variety of solutions to best meet your needs. From software solutions to run your office, to educational opportunities, and membership in the OPIE Choice Network which focuses on changing the voice of the O&P profession in the healthcare arena, we bring together knowledge, experience, and data to help each practice remain a healthy, sustainable business. Visit us at booth 121 to find out how to take your practice to the next level.

Orthomerica® Products
(800) 446-6770
Fax (407) 290-2419

Orthomerica® Products, Inc., one of the leading global providers of orthotic products, develops, manufactures, and markets prefabricated, semi–custom, and custom orthoses for adults and children. For over 20 years, Orthomerica has provided exceptional customer service, high–quality products, and prompt delivery of orthopedic braces to the orthot¬ics and prosthetics profession. Visit us at booth 119.

Össur Americas
(800) 233–6263
Fax (949) 362–3888

Össur is a leading global manufacturer of noninvasive orthopedics. Visit us at booth 60 to check out our innovative prosthetic technologies, including the new Pro-Flex® line of prosthetic feet, the weatherproof RHEO KNEE® 3 and RHEO KNEE XC, Low Activity Solutions and Unity® Sleeveless Vacuum. Other highlights include our OA and Injury Solutions bracing line. The Unloader® line of osteoarthritis bracing features the clinically-proven Unloader One® knee brace and the new Unloader® Hip brace. Our growing line of Rebound injury solutions features the new, lightweight Rebound DUAL ligament knee brace and the award-winning Rebound® PCL, the world’s first dynamic force PCL brace.

(800) 328–4058
Fax (800) 655–4963

Ottobock is the global leader in prosthetic and orthotic technology. With our mission to maintain and regain the freedom of movement, we provide the most advanced clinical solutions for people with limb loss and limb deficiency.

(800) 767–7776
Fax (800) 779–4932

SPS, the world’s largest distributor of O&P products, cultivates both efficient practices and strong manufacturer relationships, passing these benefits along to independent O&P Clinics. Equipped with more than 350 year of combined O&P experience, strategic distribution, clinical services and documentation support (CODE) teams, materials cost management programs (Rewards 5), and advanced Online Store, SPS empowers O&P Clinics to thrive. More than distribution. Partnership. Visit us at table 335.


Townsend Design manufactures and distributes a diverse range of ligament and osteoarthritis knee braces, KAFOs, spinal braces, soft goods, and rehabilitation products. Townsend has been a loyal supplier to O&P providers for more than 30 years, offering exclusive custom, customized, and OTS fabrication services, and patented technology that optimizes patient mobility and function. Visit booth 131 to see our new products or go to to review product and ordering information.

(740) 869-3377
Fax (740) 869-4374

From product development to the assembly line, WillowWood’s passion¬ate and dedicated team creates, improves, and distributes high–quality prosthetic devices with a single, shared motivation: to help people get back to the lives they love. Visit WillowWood® at booth 17. For more information, call (740) 869–3377 or fax (740) 869–4374.

Silver Partners

Aspen Medical Products

Aspen Medical Products is a leader in the development of innovative spinal braces for pain management, post-trauma stabilization, pre- and post-surgical stabilization and long-term patient care. Aspen’s commitment to clinical research is unparalleled in the orthotics community and has directly impacted product development, providing unsurpassed motion restriction, superior comfort and the most effective pain relieving braces on the market. The company makes more than 35 spinal orthotics options, including the award winning Vista® adjustable product lines that provide unsurpassed motion restriction, superior comfort and an economic advantage, encouraging better patient compliance. Visit us at booth 103.

Cascade Orthopedic Supply

Founded in 1975, Cascade Orthopedic Supply, Inc. is distinguished as the single largest, independently owned orthotics and prosthetics distributor in North America. Cascade’s mission is to provide superior value and support on the products they source and the services they provide to independent practitioners of prosthetic and orthotic care. Cascade has four distribution facilities located in California, Texas, Illinois, and Pennsylvania, allowing overnight delivery anywhere in the contiguous United States at published ground rates. Cascade's long standing reputation is built on a continued commitment to excellence, investments in technology, and operational efficiency. Cascade distributes a broad range of products from a large group of suppliers. Cascade is committed to helping customers build a successful practice and provide better patient care. Visit Cascade online at

DAW Industries

Don’t miss the latest Patent Pending Prosthetic innovation – Patent Pending means you have never seen anything like this before: Every BK Amputee can now, standing on both legs, shower, enjoy a bath, go to the pool, the Jacuzzi or the beach, using his everyday prosthesis – No worry !
A DO NOT MISS! Stop by booth 136.

LIM Innovations

LIM Innovations is a prosthetics design company, empowering amputees to live beyond the limits of their disabilities. The Infinite TF and TT are the first custom-molded, modular, and adjustable prosthetic sockets on the market. Our products combine durable rigid systems and advanced textiles for unparalleled comfort, support, and adjustability. Patients and Prosthetists are able to control the fit of the socket in response to volume fluctuation, shape change, and activity demands. Visit us at booth 115.

Martin Bionics

Martin Bionics is a prosthetics technology development company with a goal of advancing the human experience through innovation. Our NASA-inspired socket technologies change the status quo of how prosthetics are fit. Through our products and clinical services, we aim to be an outstanding resource for prosthetists to create more effective and efficient sockets for their patients. Our clinical services team is happy to help provide input however we can - let us know how we can help. Reach us at or 844-MBIONIC.

Nabtesco & Proteor

A partnership of strengths: Nabtesco and Proteor, international leaders in the prosthetic industry, joined forces in 2012 to offer complete solutions for prosthetic needs. The partnership’s innovative product lines are now available from our office and warehouse in Muskego, WI. We put emphasis on presenting Continuing Educational seminars to support our products, offering marketing and technical support, and participate in O&P conventions, with the support of our local team and distributors. Be sure to visit us at booth 55!


The O&P EDGE covers the clinical, business, regulatory, and human aspects of the orthotic, prosthetic, and pedorthic communities directly, objectively, and with breadth and depth. Visit us at booth 135. For more information, our address is
11154 Huron St., Suite 104, Northglenn, CO 80234, call (303) 255-0843,
fax (303) 255-0844 or email


The Zeno Electronic Walkway (Zenometrics) powered by PKMAS software (ProtoKinetics) has become the most popular “gait mat” technology in the world. No other equipment has this versatility… capture balance, walking, running, jumping, turning, sit-to-stand, TUG, etc. We developed the PKMAS Primary Gait Screen (PGS) to addresses transitional movements in a single test (typically performed in under 1 minute). It is extremely easy to administer and offers immediate results that require no editing. Contact us at 800.352.2301 or to experience our "Best-in-Class" customer service and product knowledge.

RUSH™ Foot

Not just another carbon copy, The RUSH™ Foot is breaking the mold of industry standards. Amputees report an unmatched range of motion from the roll-through design allowing for super smooth transition from heel strike through toe-off with no dead spots in between. The RUSH™ foot helps maintain a natural, smooth gait even in rugged or uneven terrain. Comfort, flexibility and durability are at the core. Virtually indestructible even in the most extreme conditions. Learn more at Visit us at booth 47.

Spinal Technology

Spinal Technology, Inc. is a leading central fabricator of spinal orthotics, upper– and lower–limb orthotics, and prosthetics. Our ABC–certified staff orthotists/prosthetists collaborate with highly skilled, experienced technicians to provide the highest quality products and fastest delivery time—including weekends and holidays—as well as unparalleled custom¬er support in the orthotics industry. Spinal Technology, Inc. is the exclu¬sive manufacturer of the Providence Scoliosis System, a nocturnal bracing system designed to prevent the progression of scoliosis, and the patented Flex Foam® spinal orthoses. For more information, call (800) 253–7868, fax (888) 775–0588, email, visit our website at, or visit us at booth 25.

ST&G USA Corporation

With continuing commitment to excellence, we devote our resources to new technologies in providing high quality products and service. ST&G USA Corporation, located in southern California has been serving the medical community within the prosthetic, orthotic and rehabilitation industry for over 11 years. We have always been committed to our vision of providing excellent service to meet the needs of our customers. ST&G USA Corporation is an ISO 9001:2000 certified company in which our quality standard for product and services comply with international standards. Visit us at booth 66.


SteeperUSA is a leading manufacturer of upper-limb prosthetic products with more than 90 years of experience. The award-winning bebionic small hand is the latest addition to SteeperUSA’s product portfolio, which also features a comprehensive range of upper-limb prosthetic components, including myoelectric hands, electric and body- powered systems and the award-winning Skinergy Plus below-knee cosmesis. Visit us at booth 78.

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