The American Academy of Orthotists and Prosthetists
39th Annual Meeting and Scientific Symposium 2013
February 20-23, 2013 • Orlando, FL
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Thranhardt Lectures

Time Program Code Thursday, February 21
8:00 AM - 10:00 AM TL1 Thranhardt Lecture
Normative PEQ-MS and ABC Scores among Persons with Lower Limb Loss
Brian Hafner, PhD
Prosthetists are increasingly encouraged to measure and document outcomes such as mobility and balance in routine practice. The Prosthesis Evaluation Questionnaire (PEQ) and Activitiesspecific Balance Confidence Scale (ABC) are self-report measures available for measuring such outcomes. However, normative data for these measures is not available. These instruments were administered to 942 persons with lower limb loss in a national crosssectional study. ABC and PEQ-MS scores significantly differed among those with different levels (e.g., transfemoral and transtibial) and etiologies (e.g., trauma and dysvascular causes) of amputation.
  TL2 Thranhardt Lecture
Dual Task Gait Analysis in Prosthesis Users
Charla Howard
The use of Dual Task Analysis for evaluating prosthesis users’ gait could provide a tool for predicting fall risk and determining proper alignment.
  TL3 Thranhardt Lecture
Transtibial Amputee Fluid Volume Changes during Different Activities
Joan Sanders, PhD
The purpose of this research was to compare limb fluid volume changes during sitting, standing, and walking in a group of participants with transtibial amputation to see how much each activity contributed to the total fluid volume change.
  TL4 Thranhardt Lecture
Effects of Materials, Designs, and Heat Treatment on SAFO Mechanical Properties: A Preliminary Report
Fan Gao, PhD; Gary Bedard, CO, FAAOP
In this pilot study, the effects of three materials, three designs, and one heat treatment protocol on the mechanical properties of SAFO were investigated. The outcomes of this study may be useful for practitioners to improve the criteria for both design and prescription.